Global automated material handling equipment market

Automated Material Handling Equipment Market: Asia Pacific is the most dominating region in this market "Automated Material Handling Equipment Market Research Cosmos" Robots are going to lead the automated material handling in the forecast period.

Global automated material handling equipment market

The growth of the market is fueled by the growing presence of start-up companies offering robotic solutions for warehouse automation, increasing popularity of AMH equipment among leading industries, significant recovery in global manufacturing, and rising labor cost and safety concerns.

The AMH equipment market for robots is estimated to hold a large share during the forecast period. The use of robots can reduce labor cost, protect personnel or employees from injuries, and provide a high return on investment.

Global automated material handling equipment market advantages are fueling the demand for robots in manufacturing units and warehousing facilities.

The unit load material handling systems is estimated to lead the market based on system type during the forecast period. The wide use of unit load material handling systems in various industries is attributed to their cost-effectiveness and ability to handle several items simultaneously, thereby reducing the number of trips, time required for loading and unloading, and cost of handling.

Storage function is projected to lead the AMH equipment market during the forecast period. The benefits of using AMH equipment for storage include warehouse floor space utilization, increased storage speed, efficient handling of heavy items, and reduced frequency of workplace accidents.

These benefits are driving the growth of AMH equipment market for the storage function.

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The automotive industry is estimated to lead the overall AMH equipment market during Key factors such as the needs for constant availability of components and spare parts, just-in-time JIT delivery of materials, and reduction in the cost of unproductive labor are driving the growth of the market for this industry.

The rising awareness related to material handling automation, increased emphasis of leading economies such as China and Japan on robotics and automation, and growing e-commerce industry are some of the primary factors contributing to the largest size of APAC in the market.

The improving manufacturing and warehousing infrastructure in China is projected to boost the AMH equipment market in this country in the coming years.

The players in the automotive industry seek improvement in manufacturing through automated, efficient, and effective processes. These companies need to carry out their manufacturing and assembling operations efficiently by handling a wide variety of components carefully and keeping track of the same.

Material Handling Equipment Market size is expected to surpass USD billion by ; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growing automation capabilities in the. Global Material Handling Equipment Market: Overview. Material handling equipment is a tool or a combination of tools used facilitate the movement, protection, storage, and retrieval and control of materials and products. In this report, the global Automated Material Handling Equipment (AMHE) market is valued at USD XX million in and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of , growing at a CAGR of XX% between and

The deployment of AMH equipment in this industry prevents damage to auto parts, reduce the cost of unproductive labor hours by handling inventory, and maximize storage capacity within the available floor space.

Metals and heavy machinery is one of the industries which involve repetitive handling and transportation of large and heavy components or assembly parts. The manual handling of heavy metal sheets and machinery can cause injuries to workers and potentially damage the product.


This leads the plant operators to increase the efficiency of operations for ensuring smooth movement of heavy equipment within the manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Thus, handling these bulk items as well as moving them to manufacturing or production areas requires AMH equipment. The growing trend of consuming processed food and packaged eatables is driving the need for advanced manufacturing and warehousing solutions for the manufacturers.

The routine operations in the companies in the chemicals industry involve working with various dangerous chemical substances. Therefore the workers in the chemical plants are subject to extremely harmful environments due to proximity with the volatile raw materials; this affects their work efficiency and eventually leads to failure in maintaining the maximum efficiency of production.

Therefore, the companies need to carefully assess the storage area and handling practices to avoid accidents.

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The chemical manufacturing companies are deploying AMH equipment to perform and manage their work more effectively. With the implementation of AMH equipment, companies can keep their employees safe from harmful raw materials, and improve the productivity and efficiency of their warehousing operations.

These players are focusing on product launches; acquisitions, expansions, and contracts; partnerships; agreements; and collaborations to expand their product offerings and businesses.The automated material handling equipment market is expected to reach $ billion by , at a CAGR of % between and These are among the findings of a recent report by Markets and Markets titled “ Material Handling Equipment Market - Global Forecast to Aug 07,  · Automated material handling equipment eliminates the need for human interference in a material handling process.

This equipment also . 6 days ago · Market Research Future published a Half-Cooked research report on “Global Automated Material Handling Equipment Market Report - Forecast to ” – Market .

Global automated material handling equipment market

This statistic represents the global market for material handling equipment in , by region. That year, Asia accounted for 41 percent of the global material handling equipment market.

Global Automated Material Handling Equipment Market is estimated to reach US$ 51, Mn by from US$ 28, Mn in segmented into by . According to Goldstein Research, global automated material handling equipment market is expected to reach USD billion by from USD billion in , growing at a CAGR of % over the forecast period

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