Educated from a distance

University links According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkeyevery citizen has the right to education which is free of charge for the compulsory primary education. Except in specially licensed and foreign institutions, Turkish must be taught as the mother tongue. The Ministry of National Education MEB runs educational administration of the country and is responsible for drawing up curricula, coordinating the work of official, private and voluntary organizations, designing and building schools, developing educational materials and so on.

Educated from a distance

Education System[ edit ] There are three types of schools from perspective of gender in Palestine: Secondary education general secondary education and a few vocational secondary schools covers Grades 11 and In tertiary educationthere are 11 universities 10 private and one public and 11 technical colleges 4 Palestinian Authority, 2 UNRWA4 public and 1 privateall of which mainly offer four-year courses.

Additionally, there are 19 community colleges 1 Palestinian Authority, 9 public, 2 UNRWA, and 7 private that mainly offer two-year diploma courses in technical and commercial specializations. There is no remedial teaching for the students nominated to repeat during their repeated year.

Nicolai The MOEHE has a responsibility for the whole education sector from pre-primary to higher education and for recruiting and training teachers as well. Educated from a distance, insufficient investment in upgrading education has led to crowding and deterioration in the learning environment.

Educated from a distance

Schools have lost their revenue base from fees, and faced difficulties in securing basic school supplies and materials. The limited services for students with special needs, facing psychological trauma, has also become evident. The inequity in resource allocation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip has become serious as well.

A formal five-year plan was first discussed inand it took more than a year to prepare. Five-Year Education Development Plan had five goals: Goal 1 to 3 is for pre-school, general, non-formal, higher education, and vocational education, and Goal 4 is only for higher education and vocational education.

WB and BCRD Although most kindergartens are private, the MOEHE provides technical and educational supervision, teacher training and licensing, and some funding [2] The number of male and female children was roughly equal, and most kindergartens have co-educational system.

Among them,students 62 percent of total were in schools provided by Palestinian Authority,students 29 percent were in schools provided by UNRWA, and 35, students 9 percent were in private schools [12] Gross enrollment ratios for preparatory stage are Teachers assess students on the basis of their progress through formative assessments, observations, student portfolios, and other assigned student work as the basis of their graduating judgment [2] Empowerment Stage[ edit ] In the empowerment stage, a total ofstudents maleand femalewere enrolled in schools during the school year.

Among them,students 70 percent of total were in schools provided by the Palestinian Authority,students 25 percent are in schools provided by UNRWA, and 26, students 5 percent were in private schools [12] Gross enrollment ratios for empowerment stage were This examination is offered to students who have not completed Grade 9 or have left school and want to achieve a Grade 9 competency level equivalent to the Certificate of General Secondary Education Examination [2] Palestinian students at Grade 8 participated in TIMSS in and The score for mathematics test was in and in [13] The score for science test was in and in [14] Secondary Education[ edit ] Secondary education consists of two years, and includes an academic and a vocational program.

Among them, most students were enrolled in schools provided by the Palestinian Authoritystudents, 97 percent of totaland about 3 percent of the students were enrolled in private schools. UNRWA does not provide education at secondary level [12] Gross enrollment ratios for empowerment stage were Among them, most students were enrolled in schools operated by the Palestinian Authority 5, students, 94 percent of totaland about 6 percent of the students were enrolled in private schools [12] Gross enrollment ratios for empowerment stage are While in the West Bank the share of co-educational classes was 7.

Some colleges provide two years of education for a diploma course.

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Majority of the universities are non-profit institutions. They combine fund-raise with funding received from the Palestinian Authority. The male students share is greater than that of female students in the universities, open university and university colleges.

On the other hand, the share of female students is greater in the community colleges. In addition, public financing for tertiary education is considered insufficient given Palestinian Authority financial circumstances. The objectives of this loan scheme are: It has been particularly noteworthy for having allowed students and teachers from the West Bank and Gaza to be admitted to European faculties at a time when the university establishments of Gaza and the West Bank were closed.

In a second phase, it is to provide for the dispatch of missions of volunteer academics, on sabbatical, from Europe, North America and the rest of the world to the West Bank and Gaza.“Can you be educated from a distance?” The Quality of education does not always depend on the professor who is teaching a course, but on the will that the student has to learn.

For some students, an online course is just as effective and as challenging as any physical course that can be taken. In order to stop victim blaming, it is helpful to understand why people do it in the first place.

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Educated from a distance

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